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The Law of Redemption

Kathleen is the author of The Law of Redemption: What Must One Do to Go to Heaven? Throughout the pages of her book, Kathleen candidly shares her testimony of how she fell into legalism, her struggles, her confusion, and how God supernaturally and graciously stepped in and delivered her.

The Ministry

Paul and Kathleen Ministries is a Christian nonprofit ministry. 


Sharing Christ and His Word is our passion; our desire is for the world to know the One who is willing and able to save and to deliver.


God has a unique and personal plan for your life, a divine destiny, and our hope is that every one that comes in contact with this ministry will enter into the fullness of what God has in store for them. 


We pray this ministry will be a blessing to you and that it will provide you with relevant and practical teaching that will change your life. 


May God bless you richly and prosper you as you choose daily to follow Him! 

Paul & Kathleen Kaczmarek

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